I have made a serious breakthrough in spam filtering technology. This is far bigger than when Bayesian filtering was considered a breakthrough. It’s so good that I’m looking into a software patent.

I coded it up initially and put it online the evening of December 24th. I’ve been improving it since then. This trick is so accurate that it’s nearly 100%. By “nearly” I mean that one has to assume 100% can’t be achieved. But I expect that in the near future as this evolves that I will see an entire day where not a single spam gets through and not a single good email is blocked.

This new trick (sorry – can’t tell you about it yet until patent pending) is especially good at actively detecting good email. I has a learner so I’m looking forward to next week when everyone comes back to work and starts sending business email. I’m thinking that by the middle of January all false positives will be gone.

I’m thinking I’m going to call it the “Evolution Spam Filtering System”.  I think what I’ve essentially done is code the formula for evolution into software. It’s a recursive learner so the longer it runs the smarter it gets.

Right now the few false positives I’m seeing is from my more traditional spam filter and the Evolution Filter is pointing out errors in my system where I have been getting things wrong. Users should see a serious improvement when everyone comes back to work next week.