I will be gone from July 12th through July 20th to the ICANN 47 meeting. I’ve been part of an email group for several years on the Non Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) that advises ICANN on policy.

Generally I don’t go to these meetings but two key people couldn’t make it so I was asked if I could fill in. Trying to come up to speed on the issues. I am also concerned about when the NSA is going to make a move on ICANN and compromise the DNS system. This could also be the starting point for a one world government, and if it is I need to help see that it starts out right.

However – during the trip I will be less available by telephone to do tech support. I will be available by email and I’m bringing 2 laptop computers and should be as functional there as I am here in California. But if my response time is slower I apologize in advance.