I’ve been doing more work on my outbound spam filter lately. I’m good at catching a hacked account but it was taking me 3 minutes to figure out that the account was hacked. This allowed the spammer to get a few thousand outbound spams off and that wasn’t good enough. But when you first see the stream you don’t know for a while if it’s good email from someone’s list or a spammer.

So I developed a 10 minute delay queue that I run new streams into. That gives me some time to figure out what’s going on. So by the time the messages come back out of the queue I’ll either send them on or delete them. In theory that should stop all but maybe the first 25 or so. I might have to live with that.

Registered another domain name in addition to Free MX Backup. The new domain is http://www.outboundspamfilter.com.