A message to my customers and to the world,

As most of you are aware of the government of the United States has a spy program called PRISM where they are tied into companies like Verizon, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, Yahoo, AOL, etc. These companies have been given papers from the secret FISA court requiring them to turn over information to the government, and they are required to lie to everyone about what they are doing.

For what it’s worth I can assure you that we are not participating in any kind of spying on the part of anyone. I consider secret courts making secret laws to be unconstitutional and immoral. I have written about and spoken out a lot on this issue. Below are some links expressing the way I feel about what is going on.

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For all our international customers (foreigners) I want to apologize on behalf of sane America for what we are doing you the rest of the world and I want to assure you that we try to service all our customers the same regardless of country, race, religion, or any other arbitrary distinction. I personally consider privacy and liberty to be my religious values. We are a little bit English oriented here but that’s just because we’re small.

However ….

Under the law if I were served with a secret order by a secret court or a national security letter it would be a felony for me to let you know that and like Google, Apple, and Microsoft I would be required to lie to you about it. Therefore everything I said to you so far might be a lie. The government has by definition make me into an untrustworthy liar because anything I say might be a cover for a vast conspiracy that I’m forced to be part of.

In fact – if I’m not lying now – but in the future I’m required to lie to you, if I stop fighting the NSA that would, and should look suspicious, as if it were a clue that someone got to me. So – in order to not look suspicious I’m going to be required to keep fighting them. Or at least pretend that nothing has changed. But I’m not as good of a liar as I am at telling the truth so maybe if it happens you’ll notice a difference.

But – the people at NSA just aren’t very bright. If they were they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing because clearly they haven’t thought it through to realize what a very very bad idea it is. So if you see me change my position on this issue then you’ll know that they either got to me or that I have lost my mind.

I would like to think that I’m tough enough to stand up to government threats. I would like to think that I have the courage to do what’s right when the time comes to do the right thing. But it would be foolish to declare myself unbreakable. But it is my hope in posting this notification that I create a logical paradox that the NSA can’t break, so that even if they break me that I you will be able to tell the difference.

Marc Perkel


Junk Email Filter Inc.